How many times have you been somewhere, and you run into a friend maybe not even a friend an acquaintance and they say, “How are you?”  What do you say?  I’m fine; I’m OK!  Liar!  Most of the time, we aren’t telling the truth.  We aren’t fine; we aren’t OK.

Today I’m not speaking of us as a family; I’m speaking of us as a nation, as a state as a town.  If we were to go out and pole people probably most, if they could do it behind closed doors, would say they aren’t handling life very well right now.

As the world is going through and dealing with the coronavirus, other life issues are still happening.  This weekend I was reminded of that.  There was a shooting in our small little town; two people got shot.  One of Katie’s best friends, little brother passed away.  I got on Facebook Sunday morning to one of our cancer patients sisters saying she received a call at 1 am that her brother was in a coma, and of course, because of the coronavirus, no one can be there.

So I go back to the title with a question, how many of you are fine?  How many are OK?

I began to ponder on this and came up with a few questions for us to think about:

Why do we think we always have to be OK?

Why do we not tell the truth about how we indeed are?

Why don’t we ask people for help?

Why aren’t we honest?

These are my thoughts.

First, we have grown up in a society where we have to be OK.  People don’t want to admit they aren’t OK.  Like I have said before, “If someone says they don’t have issues, they are lying!”  So many feel they have to put on this facade that their home is wonderful, and because of social media, we can make life look “AWESOME!!” When really behind the front door, those occupants are struggling to breathe.

Next, I am reminded of what stringer looked at me and said one day, “You don’t have to be a hero!”  We put pressure on ourselves to succeed, to be the hero, and to save the world of heartache and hardship.  We want to fix everything, and most of the time, we CAN’T!  We have been instructed never to say the word can’t, never to think we can’t succeed, never to feel we can’t accomplish our goals.  But, in many situations, we have given out false hope.

Take off the mask, take the weight off of your shoulders, and just breathe.  Ask for help, say I’m not OK, I’m not fine.  There are things we can’t fix and things we can’t change.  Just as Jesus said, we will have trouble (John 16:33) and to think these were his final words of reassurance and encouragement to his disciples in the upper room.  But then he follows I have told you these things so you may have peace.  In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world.

I was listening to the first 5 app as I was driving this weekend, and they were going over the scripture- be strong and courageous. When people reference this scripture, they always go to Joshua 1:9; however, this isn’t the first time to be strong and courageous was referenced.  The first time this command was given was by the Lord to Moses.  (Deut.11:8). Then Moses summoned Joshua in Deut 31:23 and commissioned Joshua to be strong and courageous.  And then Joshua summons the people in Joshua 1:6,7,9.  Then David told Solomon the same thing.  The phrase be strong and courageous are in the bible. The seeds of being strong and courageous have been planted in the people for a long time.

So what does this repetition of BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS tell us?  It tells us that since the beginning of time, people have been scared, nervous, unsure, concerned, and NOT OK OR FINE.  So how are we to approach these uncertainties?  How are we to withstand the storms that are all around us?

Well I thought of some things, and you may want to add your own:

  • PRAY of course
  • SING
  • BAKE
  • WALK
  • DO RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS take what you bake leave it on a doorstep
  • SEND SOMETHING TO SOMEONE- Cheryl’s Cookies, 1800FLOWERS, Fruit Bouquets, 1800 BASKETS, Simply Chocolate, Shari’s Berries, The Popcorn Factory, Wolferman’s Bakery, Stock Yards, or shop local and deliver in town.
  • Text or simply call, if they don’t respond or if they don’t answer no worries leave a message
  • READ
  • JOURNAL- this is history, what was WWII to some or 911 the COVID-19 will be to them

You may have the red sea or the Jordan river in front of you, and you need it to part.  Take that first step, put your foot into the water do not be afraid, be strong, and courageous.

Even if you are not OK you can find joy. It may be hard to find you might have to dig and you may have to make your own joy.   You can be courageous even when your strength fails. Why?  Because your Savior, Jesus Christ, took on your sorrow, pain, and weakness.  He took your sin and nailed it to his cross. Now, even your darkest struggle is part of his good plan to draw you closer to him. This trial can’t remove you from his love.

There are two realities- we will suffer, but Jesus won for us.  It is OK to not be OK just don’t stay there.


  • Keep your daily appointment with Christ
  • Dive deep into His word
  • Create your own joy and share it
  • Fill your cup with Christ so you can fill other cups


Have a great week, Cupcake