When I went to visit Anna, I saw all her blankies in her bed.  All my girls and grandkids have blankies; I even have a blankie.  My mother made out of nylon tricot.  She loved to make them.  She would make them in all different colors, with the trim being a different color.  I love looking and feeling them and thinking back to so many years ago when she started the blankie tradition.  Every thread was sewn with love, and when I hold onto the blankie, I feel close to her.

A common thread that runs deep within families and the blankie is the common thread for us that still connects us to my mom even though she is gone.  I love to look back and see how God has woven threads of our life together.  It isn’t until we venture to our eternal home that we can see our whole completed blankie, but it is incredible when we can see how parts of our entire are sewn together.


The Bible has a common thread.  It is a thread that starts IN THE BEGINNING and runs throughout.  If you have ever studied the whole bible, you know what I mean.  While learning, there are many ah-ha moments through the pages.  In the old testament, there are many prophesies that point to the new testament.  In the new testament, the writers always refer back to the old testament.

The scarlet thread weaves into every word in scripture.  It begins in Genesis (Gen 3:21) when God killed an innocent animal to cloth Adam and Eve, not just out of love but how He covered sin with His righteousness.  The thread continues to weave through Abraham, Rahab, and on and on.

This scarlet thread runs and continues to Jesus when an innocent man is killed to cover our sins.  Without the shedding of blood, there is no covering. Hebrews 9:22

So the thread- begins in the garden, then to the cross and completes in the eternal.  Jesus is the thread.

The common thread that should be woven in us is this- when we are created in the beginning, our thread’s start is to follow Christ.  As our thread goes on, we are to do as the great commission and make disciples of others.  The thread continues upon the completion when we will join Christ in eternity.

Like in the Bible, our thread will weave in and out of good times and bad, hardships and adversities amid joys.  There will be times when God vs. Satan, good vs. evil.  There will be times that we are divided but yet will come together.

The common thread throughout is to advance God’s Kingdom.  To do this, we must live like Christ and impact those outside the church.  When we are transformed to live like Christ, we are moved inwardly, not outwardly.  We are driven by love, compassion, and justice.  We are to love our neighbors and our enemies being agents of reconciliation while sharing the good news with the lost and broken.  We are to teach of Jesus, his blood, and the sacrifices made for us.  How God’s redemption is woven throughout the bible, and the blood of Jesus was shed for us.


Every day we follow our thread.  The thread that may be a struggle, at times is frayed, at times is dangling, and we are just holding on for dear life.  Our thread weaves in and out.   The power of the Spirit at times becomes entangled with Satan trying to cut the thread.  But it is when we coat our thread with the Holy Spirit and live like Christ that we will complete the purpose of sewing our lives for Christ.

So I ask today, what does your thread look like?  Has it become worn?  Is it beginning to unravel?  Do you need to strengthen your thread?

Start today by weaving your thread with Christ’s thread.  It is when we intertwine ours with his that even if it has started to fray, it will become sufficiently stronger and hold together to accomplish Christ’s mission and purpose.


  • Keep your daily appointment
  • Dive deep into his word
  • Look at your thread, what threads are you sewing, are your threads worn, do you need some repair work done?
  • Fill your cup with Christ


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