As I was writing one of my journal entries, these three words jumped off the page.  I sent a text to two of my go-to Bible buddies and asked what their first thought was when I said, “The Other Side? What do these words mean to you?”

  • Heaven
  • The other side of a problem or the other side of a season
  • Transition, growth, forward movement
  • Takes time
  • Unbelief to belief

What does the other side mean to you?

To me, the other side means getting to the other side of any issue, condition, or situation you may be experiencing.  It could be divorce, disease, death, loss of a job, relocating, a child going to college, or the many other situations and circumstances that we encounter.

The Coronavirus makes us all want to get to the other side of this virus.  Right?

No matter what you are dealing with, your goal is to arrive on the other side.  But traveling to the other side will probably not be easy.  It can’t be easy.  If it were easy, we wouldn’t have any growth.  There wouldn’t be any transition taking place.  We wouldn’t learn anything.

After thinking about the other side, I turned to the Bible.

We have been doing a bible study 52 Characters of the Bible.  It is leading us through the Bible in chronological order.  We have completed several Bible characters that were located on the one side, but they moved to the other side.  Moses led the Israelites through the Red Sea.  They crossed over, escaping from the Egyptians and moving towards the Promise Land.  (Exodus 14)

Moses sent Joshua, along with eleven others, into the land of milk and honey to come back and report on what he found on the other side.  Joshua and Caleb saw the positive; however, the other ten had doubt, so what happened?  They had little faith, so the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years. (Numbers 13)

During these forty years, they grumbled. They even thought they wanted to go back to Egypt.  The problem?  They should have kept going to the other side; they should have had more faith.  They should have trusted and moved forward to the other side.

After Moses passing, Joshua was his predecessor.  It was his job to move the people.  They had to go through the Jordan to the other side and that they did.  They moved to the other side because Joshua had faith, abundant faith.

How do we approach getting to the other side?  Can you imagine staring at a body of water and thinking, how am I going to get to the other side?  It may seem impossible.  It may seem too deep.  It may seem to turbulent.

The only way we can get to the other side is to first go to Christ for help. Don’t try to attempt crossing without Him.   He already knows the struggle.  He already knows our issues.  He knows what we need.  He will give us knowledge and wisdom and He will equip us.

It is with Christ and Christ alone that we can begin our journey to the other side.  It is only with Him that we can arrive on the other side.

So start today on your journey to the other side.  Decide what is holding you back.  What is holding you back from following Christ?  What is holding you back from crossing over to the life that Christ wants you to live?

How do you begin?

EVERYDAY- Challenges of the week:

  • Keep your daily appointment with Christ
  • Dive deep into His word
  • Begin your journey increasing your faith and walking with Christ every day
  • Fill your cup with Christ so you can fill other cups