Stringer, as we call him, is the inspiration behind PERSONAL PEP RALLY. On July 1st, 2016 at the age of 33 he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and Stringer just happens to be our son in law.

Our family has realized how fortunate we are to have many people that have helped us during cancer. As we sit in waiting rooms and cancer centers we can look around and find those that haven’t been so lucky.

Stringer is the healthiest person you will ever meet. Even enduring chemotherapy, radiation, the Ivor Lewis Procedure and numerous other procedures he has not missed a beat. For a year we have been traveling to MD Anderson and as of today we are still fighting, however, Stringer feels great.

Stringer recently won the Norm Stewart Award at the Coaches vs. Cancer Banquet presented by the American Cancer Society in Kansas City. .Stringer is pictured with Norm Stewart and his wife, our daughter Lauren.
Never Give Up Never Ever Give Up by Jimmy Valvano is the quote Stringer lives by.

Lauren is our daughter but also Stringer’s caregiver. She has continued for three years working going to school for her APN degree, in which she is on her second one, and taking care of Stringer. Never did she dream at 26 she would become a caregiver.

Lauren and Stringer never give up they press forward with faith and inspire all of those who know them.

The player of the week can either be a patient or a caregiver or maybe even a friend. It is that one person that is enduring what life has through at them. It is the person that empathizes, gives advice or is just a shoulder to cry on. If it the patient they are resilient and powerful to get through the tough situation that is standing before them. If the caregiver, they are the silent sufferer that steps up to the plate when no one else is there. The one that keeps life going. It may even be the friend that goes over and beyond and just shows up for you over and over again.

The player of the week is the person that digs deep even when they are weak. They push through over and over again.

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