Marc Stringer was diagnosed with esophageal cancer on July 1, 2016. He endured four years of chemotherapy treatments, radiation, surgeries, and much more. He traveled to MD Anderson for two years to hopefully find a cure or at least put his cancer into remission.

Marc endured four years of pain, but yet he pressed forward and never quit teaching or coaching. He would plan treatments, appointments, and MD Anderson trips around his basketball schedule. Many times Marc would step off of a plane sick and head straight to the ballgame. His players would stand with him by the trashcan as he would vomit over the side. They would get him water bottles to help him make it through the games. He was never giving up, and he was moving on with endurance.

Cancer takes a toll not just on the patient but to the family members that have to sit back and watch their loved one endure what cancer throws at them.

Marc is the reason behind our mission to encourage, motivate, and educate patients and families that are battling cancer. Stringer, as we call him, was an educator for thirteen years before his passing on January 24, 2020. Through donations in Stringer’s memory, Personal Pep Rally can award scholarships to seniors who have been affected by cancer.

To apply one of the following persons must have been affected by cancer:
the applicant
the applicant’s parent
a grandparent acting as a parent
a sibling of the applicant
the guardian of the applicant (must have lived with the guardian during cancer)

Complete the form and return by email to or mail to
Personal Pep Rally- 1920 South Main Suite 107- Stuttgart Arkansas 72160

Extracurricular activities, organization, and club page, along with honors, awards, and community activities, can be attached. The essay can also be attached.

Deadline is June 1, 2020.

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