WHITE HALL, Ark. (THV11) – Despite a slow start to the season, White Hall head coach Marc Stringer always tries to be positive. It’s just how he’s built. Last July, that positivity was put to the ultimate test.

“You know it took me about an hour to eat a couple of scrambled eggs. That was not normal so we went and got a scope done and that was July 1, the Friday before July 4th and doctor came back and said there was a mass there.”

At 34, Stringer was diagnosed with stomach and esophagus cancer.

“What they did is went in and took out 30 percent of my stomach. Two thirds of my esophagus, took out a rib somewhere on this side, I don’t even know where.” Adds Stringer, “They Took out what was left of my stomach and made a new esophagus for me so now it’s just a tube running down to me intestine.”

Following surgery Stringer continued with chemo and radiation treatment. He’s on a regiment of 26, Monday was number 11.

But treatment or not. Coach Stringer is not missing practice. Just ask one of his assistants, White Hall principal Don Stringer or to him, Dad.

“Unbelievable, all he can think about is getting back here to work with these kids. Because during that time I was working with them and they were tickled to death he got back” says Stringer.

For the Bulldogs, their coach is their inspiration including Junior Quentin Urquhart. “Our coach he’s like a father to all of us really. This is our strong doing for him and we kept him in prayers and we’re doing all we can for him and we’re still doing it now.”

Stringer and the Bulldogs battle their rival Watson Chapel Friday night.

“You see people who’ve got it worse than you and being at Carti and seeing and meeting the people I’ve talked to. You don’t have it as bad as this person and you really learn that you’ve got stuff to do and someone has it worse than you so get up and go.”

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