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Believe in yourself, because we all do. We will beat this.


Just like in athletics, you have to have confidence in your team. Your doctors, nurses, friends, and family – that’s your team now. Follow their plan and embrace it. Positive thoughts produce positive outcomes. Cancer is your opponent. Never fear it. Fear is a lack of faith. Trust in your team, yourself, the Lord and His plan.  Your test results will be your scouting report.  From this, you’ll overcome your opponent. Maintain confidence and a positive, prayerful attitude. Those around you will feed off you. You will gain more power as these positive thoughts multiply among your team. Hold your head high and meet your opponent and challenge head on. ​


Stringer, as we call him, is the inspiration behind Personal Pep Rally. On July 1st, 2016 at the age of 33 he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and Stringer just happens to be our son in law.

Our family realized how fortunate we were to have people show up for us during cancer. As we sat in waiting rooms and cancer centers we looked around and could find those that haven’t been so lucky.

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For information or to volunteer with Personal Pep Rally, email us at or call (870) 830-0528.


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on donations to support our JOY MAIL program, award scholarships to students impacted by cancer, send families on Making A Memory trips, and more.

Learn more about what your donations support here.

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Listen: 103.7 The Buzz - The Recruiting Intelligence Report With Dr. Fitz Hill & Marcus Elliot 3-5-20


WHITE HALL, Ark. – A basketball coach in Jefferson County teaches his players all he knows about the game, but his players are also teaching him something as well. Each day after school, Coach Marc Stringer is 100 percent committed to coaching champions. Stringer...

Marc Stringer coaching through 2nd battle with cancer

White Hall High School boys basketball coach Marc Stringer was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2016, after which he began a battle that leads on to this day. Stringer was declared cancer-free in May of this year; however, that declaration would not remain long. In...

White Hall head coach Marc Stringer puts cancer on the bench

WHITE HALL, Ark. (THV11) - Despite a slow start to the season, White Hall head coach Marc Stringer always tries to be positive. It’s just how he’s built. Last July, that positivity was put to the ultimate test. “You know it took me about an hour to eat a couple of...

Push-up challenge supporting basketball coach battling cancer goes viral across Arkansas

STUTTGART, Ark. – A trending social media “10 push up” challenge that started in support for a coach battling cancer has students all across Arkansas participating in a show of support. Marc Stringer was a basketball coach at White Hall when he was first diagnosed...

Coaching Through Cancer

White Hall High School educator Marc Stringer exudes joy and embodies physical fitness even while he battles cancer. The coach of the White Hall High School boys basketball team and a physical education teacher, Stringer was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus and...

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